Means 'Frequently Asked Questions', but stick a hyphen between the A and the Q and say it out loud. Hours of amusement.

Chris and Sabrina - image  by EWS

Last update: August 16th

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Who are you, and what the hell are you doing on Furnation?

Well, I'm a computer technician and (primarily) a writer of fiction. I started this site to show off furry art I've had given to me over the years. But mainly, to tell the story of a love affair with the prettiest woman on the 'net, Eric Schwartz' Sabrina the Skunkette.

How can a reasonably intelligent adult professional fall in love with a cartoon character?

It's easy! At work I'd installed Eric's "Cool Duo" as wallpaper on my PC. One day with little to do and this picture to look at, I let my mind drift, and ten minutes later when I came around I realized I was staring at Sabrina for the full ten minutes!

From that moment on I realized, I was in love with her.

You even have fantasies about her?

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that my answer may tend to incriminate me.

What's a 'Furry'?

Click here to find out!

What is Sabrina Online?

Sabrina Online is a comic strip that parodies the trials and tribulations of the beginning Internet user with a non-standard computer, specifically (in this case), an Amiga. This allows Sabrina Online to poke fun at itself, along with Microsoft and Apple occasionally, so it's extremely unprejudiced in this respect :)

The storyline also includes a subplot of Sabrina's roommate Amy the Squirrel and elements of her life, too. Sabrina the Story kind of interweaves itself within the first 50 or 60 strips. If you're not familiar with the very well-done comic, click here to go to M.H.A.'s Sabrina Online Mirror Archive and check 'em out. You'll love 'em, and it'll make Sabrina the Story make a lot more sense!

What about Siberian Nights boycott of ?

I'm staying clear of it. Siberian Nights also has the complete archive of Sabrina Online from the first strip to the present. They have their reasons for boycotting FurNation and hence, sadly, Foxx Den, but it's their business and I'm not getting in the middle. But I am linking them from here.

Siberian Nights, however, has offered me the possibility of mirroring Sabrina the Story there, and that's in the works as you read this.

Who is this "Packard Melan" character that claims to have designed your site?

Why, it's me. Yeah, I'm making a guest appearance on Chris' website here, to answer your question personally. I'm the fur that wrote Chris a fan mail from Indiana -- and told him how similar Sabrina Online: the Story was to my real life relationship with my girlfriend. Since then we've kept mail going between the three of us, and have gotten to be pretty good friends. So much so that when I told Chris that a story I was starting seemed so similar to Tabitha, he readily agreed to combine certain elements in both stories!

To pay him back, I thought I'd redesign his page to make it look a bit more "futuristic"... and the result is what you see before you. Y'like? I do. :) Be sure to check out Haven -- that's where the "interlocked" story I'm writing is hosted. (Wow! What a blatant plug!)