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(c) 1998 by Chris Yost. All rights to story content reserved. Characters Sabrina the Skunkette, Amy the Squirrel, and Tammy Vixen (c) Eric W. Schwartz. Character Roxikat (c) John Barrett. Character Thomas Woolfe (c) Michael Higgs. Characters Chris Foxx, Susan Felin, Cindy Lapine, Amy Squirrel, Clarence Skunk, Dexter Collie, Angel Collie, and Wendy Vixxen (c) Chris Yost. All rights to additional characters reserved by their respective owners. Story based on characters and situations created by Eric W. Schwartz.

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Chapter 16

"I'm stuffed."

Sabrina leaned back in her seat as Chris drove back toward town. "Angel's one heck of a cook," he said, making a turn off of the highway.

"And one heck of a talker. She's got the dirt on everybody, doesn't she?"

Chris glanced at Sabrina and grinned. "I was with her and Dexter twice before I realized the best thing was for me to say as little personal stuff as possible. You know, when I bought this car, her friends knew what I got and how much I'd paid for it before I even got it home?"

Sabrina turned in her seat, laughing. "You made that up!" she said. Then she recognized where Chris was taking her. "Why are we coming back to your company?" she asked.

"I forgot something." He pulled into the spot reserved for the CEO. "And since you're gonna be working here too, what better time for the twenty-five cent tour?" Chris pulled on the brake and shut the engine down, jumped out and ran around to open Sabrina's door.

Sabrina looked back and forth, eyeing the nearly empty parking lot and half-lit building. "You sure it's okay for us to be here?" she asked.

Chris fished his fob out of his pocket and unlocked the door. "Perfectly." Holding the door, he let Sabrina lead the way in, then once inside the vestibule he keyed in the numeric code to disable the alarm system, and held the inner door for Sabrina again. "Remember where you are?" he asked her.

Sabrina pointed toward the window with the lit room beyond. "Sure," she said, "that's your department." Then she started to get nervous again. "Are you sure it's okay for us to be here this late?"

"Yep. No problem at all, Kitten." He unlocked the door and they went inside. The helpdesk operator was the only one working.

"Hey John," Chris said. "You remember Sabrina?"

"Sure!" John waved at them from his cubicle. "What are you two doing here this time of night?" he asked.

"I forgot some work." Chris pointed toward his cube. "And since Sabrina's almost a full-fledged employee here, I'm going to give her a quick tour of the building, then we're outta here for the weekend."

"Have fun!"

Chris winked at Sabrina. "BRB." He ran down the tiny aisle, and was back with a gum-band full of diskettes in a mere moment.

"Night!" Chris ushered Sabrina out the door. He gently took her hand and led her to the left through the near-darkened departments, showing off the tiny gym, the operations area, then a trip up the elevator to the accounting and bookkeeping departments ... in short, she saw the whole building with the possible exception of the loading dock and locked executive suites.

"This is a big place," Sabrina exclaimed. She hugged Chris' arm as they walked down the steps. "And I get my own office, huh?"

"You do." They reached the bottom of the stairs and Chris steered Sabrina to the right. "Bigger than my cubicle, too, you smug little girl."

"Hey, maybe my paycheck'll be bigger than yours, too!" Chris looked at Sabrina over the tops of his lenses, Sabrina lowered her eyes for a second, then giggled when Chris smiled. "It could happen!"

Chris led Sabrina through the operations area again. "You never know. Hope not, you're a girl, remember."


They stopped as Chris took Sabrina's shoulders and turned her to him. He pulled her close and rubbed his nose lightly over hers. "Hey ... I love you."

"Hey ... " Sabrina dragged her nose through the fur on Chris' cheek. " ... I love you, too." Sabrina raised her heels so she could kiss him, Chris gathered her in his arms for a tight hug as they kissed. Sabrina unconsciously allowed her arms to slide around him, tried to pull herself closer to him, whimpering slightly on his thicker vulpine tongue as his hug tightened.

Sabrina pulled her mouth away. "Honey, this really isn't a good idea to do this here."

Chris brushed her soft white hair down the back of her head. "Except for John, we're the only ones in the building. And he's on the helpdesk in a different direction." He kissed her again and led her to a desk in front of a large window in a row of large windows.

"Not a bad view, eh?"

Sabrina looked out. The buildings in the city were brightly lit. The highway going past the building was barren; a few cars here and there, in groups, by themselves. The lighting from the shopping center across the highway was dim -- if you looked close you could see actual people walking around. "It's pretty," she said.

"So're you." Chris' compliment faded in the fur on the back of Sabrina's neck as he nuzzled her. She started to fall forward and caught herself with her hands on the desktop. Almost immediately Chris roamed his hands around her, continuing to nuzzle, running over her tummy.

"Chris!" Sabrina gasped quietly! "Not here!"

Chris slipped his hands under her sweater, taking his mouth away just enough to say "We're perfectly safe, Kitten."

"But ........ but what -- oh! -- Chris, what abouuuuuuuuut ..... "

"Relax, Kitten, relax."

Sabrina squeezed her eyes shut as Chris ran his paws up under her bra, the cups pressing his forepaws tighter against her. "Chrrrrrris!" She worked her eyes back open, but Chris' attention to her was an awful lot for a young woman. "What if someone comes by? What about John?"

"He's a world away," Chris said, "and he has no reason to come this way." His hands popped her bra up, then roamed south, over her sides.

"Uh ... the cleaning staff!"

" ... has been here and are long gone."

Chris slipped his paws into the side waistband of Sabrina's pants. One slid behind and undid the Velcro tail flap catch.


Sabrina felt his snout brush behind her cheek, his warm breath gently blowing past her right ear. "I've fantasized about this for months, Kitten. I promise, you and I are all alone."

"But not in front of the window!!"

"It's polarized glass," he told her, slipping his hands back to her sides, now slipping his fingers under the elastic of her tiny undies. "No one can see in unless we turn the lights on. It's reflective without backlighting."

Chris' hands worked back and forth. Sabrina lifted one hand and dropped it again to catch herself. "Security guards!"

"No such animal."

Unconsciously, Sabrina was shifting her hips up and down as Chris worked her pants down her legs, then they fell on their own to her ankles. Sabrina gasped when she felt a light breeze come across her bare furry bottom, and again when she felt Chris' hands slide up her body again to cup her, his hands arousing her, the small city over the hill becoming a vague blur as her mind reeled. She became unaware of her boyfriend and lover working himself one-handed into the same state of undress she was enjoying, then became fully aware ... !


Dexter turned off the television. He turned and smiled at his two sons in their pajamas, fast asleep on the couch, Jeremy's left arm draped over Robin's back. Angel walked in, yawning, putting an arm around her husband, looking at their children.

"Fast asleep," she said aloud.

"I'm not surprised." Dexter turned to her. "They probably wore that poor Amiga out."

"Good investment on your part. Good idea inviting Chris and Sabrina on my part."

"She sure amazed me. I don't know what she did, but I may learn Amiga O.S. myself!"

Angel brushed her red snout under Dexter's ear. "Don't talk shop. Hold me."

With a broad smile Dexter did exactly as she asked. They held each other and hugged. Lifting his head from her shoulder he looked at her, top to bottom. "You're still the most beautiful setter I ever wanted to build a family with."

Angel gave a "Weeeeeee!" when Dexter scooped her up and carried her across the room. He set her down, set the CD changer on Track 2, and pressed the Play button.

"Oh, that's pretty," Angel said. "What is it?"

"Bach, I think." He showed her the jewel case with the logo of a treble clef with the barbed hook against a neon staff. "Chris tells me it's 'wonderful' for a couple to dance to."

And with that he took Angel's paws and led her into movement after movement of the classical medley. She pulled him closer and placed her cheek next to his. "Thank you for not telling them," she said.

"Chris wouldn't have come if I had." He kissed her forehead. "You know you're going to be alright."

Angel nodded slowly. "I know. I'm just scared is all."

"Well, I won't let you be." He picked Angel up and twirled her once. "I've got big plans for us, and you have to be here for 'em. And I won't let you go anywhere. So there."

Angel squeezed her eyes tight and rested her head on Dexter's shoulder, her body shaking. She sniffled, and Dexter held her tighter.


Chris snapped on the lights and closed the door behind them. "Home sweet home," he said, helping Sabrina off with her jacket and watching her reaction. "What do you think?"

Sabrina set her purse on the table and pulled her arms free of the sleeves. She looked around; she was standing in the small area in front of the dayporch, at the base of the steps to the second floor. She peeked into the living room, then the dining room. "It's really nice," she said. "I like it! It needs something though." She looked into the two rooms again, and past a divider toward a third room. "Why is it guys never have plants?" she asked.

Chris hung their jackets on the coat tree. "Because guys and plants don't go together well. Like eating sausage with mayonnaise."

"Oh, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!" Sabrina's tongue almost touched her chin.

"Come with me." Chris took Sabrina from room to room. "Living room, dining room here, my kitchen, bedroom with the attached bathroom. This extra room I use for an office."

Sabrina looked the room over. She looked at the pile of papers and God knew what else on top of the desk. "How in the world do you find anything!?" she asked.

"I know where everything is."

Turning her head toward the table in the corner, Sabrina pointed. "And that's your computer?"

Chris nodded and smiled. "Yeppers. That's where I spend a lot of my quality time with you."

Sabrina looked over his set-up. Discs were scattered here just as papers were on his desk. "And you keep a box of tissues in case of ...?"

As hard as she tried, Sabrina could not squelch the snicker. Chris felt himself starting to blush, and quickly guided her back to the dining room. "It's not much," he said, "but it's home for me."

"I think it's nice!" Sabrina looked at the plain curtains on the windows, the bare table, lack of pictures on the wall, lack of plants ... "You know what this place needs?" she asked.

Chris thought a second, then grinned big. "Does it rhyme with 'whiff'?"

"No, what you need -- you had that already!"

Chris shrugged. "Sure, an hour ago!"

Sabrina smirked and smacked Chris' arm. "What you need is a woman's touch in decorating! You could have an even nicer place to come home to."

Chris raised his eyebrows toward his pointed ears, thinking on what Sabrina told him.

"Amy and I decorated our apartment ourselves, y'know. Only trouble is her taste clashes with mine. But we put our heads together and after a week of swatching and fighting and yelling, I think we did a pretty good job."

"You two did a great job. But, y'know, if it weren't just me living here, I'd think I'd be more serious about it."

"If you had someone living with you," Sabrina told him, "you'd probably have it done for you."

The subject came up again! Ask her, you idiot!

Sabrina had turned completely around. She looked up at Chris, their eyes locked and held. They weren't mesmerized this time ... they were in love. Sabrina began to glow, her memory going back only an hour or so. They held each other's hands. Sabrina's tail bobbed up and down. Chris' was swishing back and forth. His thoughts jumbled. Sabrina had none, she only felt the warmth of her heart.

Ask her, you idiot!


Sabrina cocked her head. "What is it?" she asked.


Chris pursed his lips. "I have a very nice white wine in the fridge." He ran his fingers through her soft hair. "And some cheese. Can I interest you?"

Ask her!!

"Sounds great."

Chris nodded and kissed Sabrina on the nose. "I'll take your bag in the bedroom first." With a smile he released her paws, took her small shoulder bag, and led her to his room.

Coward! Stupid! Fraidy-cat! Dumb-dumb-dumb ... !


Chris sat on one side of his waterbed in his blue silky pajamas, the wine and plate of cheese cubes on a small silvery plate he'd borrowed from his dad. He slid his glasses down his snout a bit and was leafing through the samples he'd originally given his boss. When the door from the bathroom opened he looked up, and completely lost any interest in reading further.

Sabrina sauntered in, only wearing a very brief white and black camisole and panty set, very lacy, very low-cut on top and high-cut on the bottom, very sexy, very much arousing the fox she called Love.

Chris gathered the papers as best he could while keeping his full attention on Sabrina as she walked across the floor, the way Susan had taught her two weeks before. He very carefully picked the samples up, leaned over, and missed the other bedside table where they scattered over the floor.

Sabrina leaned over Chris, resting her hands on the sideboard of the bed, stretching her body to its full length. Chris was panting, close to drooling.

"I get the feeling you like what you see, sexy," she said in a low voice, almost a whisper. She rolled her shoulders, which helped roll a couple of other things.

Chris kept both eyes on Sabrina. "I couldn't take my eyes off of you if I tried. My God, are you incredible." He reached for the two glasses of wine he'd poured while she had been in the bathroom.

A paw rested on Chris' hand. "Later." She put one knee up on the bed. "I've got a surprise for you," she said.

"You certainly are." Now Chris caught himself drooling. It made Sabrina giggle; she brought her right leg up on the bed with her left and knelt beside him. "I think you're going to like it."

Sabrina put her arms around Chris' neck and kissed him on his mouth. "What ... " Chris cleared his throat. " ... what's the surprise?" he asked.

Sabrina smiled a very proud smile. "I learned to keep my tail down." And she reached up over the headboard, and turned off the light.

End of Chapter Sixteen

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