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Chapter 30

"Good God, have I missed you," Chris said, hugging Sabrina gently. He nuzzled his nose into her neck fur and took a deep inhale. "Must've been a long car trip, huh?"

Sabrina sighed and nodded … then her brain registered what Chris had said; she lifted a hand and smacked his arm. Lifting her head, "I wanted to wait until you got home," she told him. "You have a well, and we can conserve water if we shower together."

"You say the nicest things." With that he scooped Sabrina off of her feet and into his arms.

"Yeow!" Sabrina found herself settled nicely in Chris' arms. "Frisky aren't you?" she asked.

"I told you I missed you." He bounced her in his arms a couple times. "Whereabouts did she drag you off to, anyway?"

"Michigan!" Sabrina nearly yelled. "Can you believe it? Taking me along was all spur of the moment." She hugged her arms around Chris' neck as he carried her in small steps toward his back deck. "It was some kind of regional adult industry awards thing. I had time to get in the van, along with a couple of her stars, and we were off."

Chris stopped, and turned quickly around, walking back toward the driveway. "But why you, I wonder?"

Sabrina shrugged. "I'm the WebMistress," she explained. "So obviously, I know how to use a digital camera I've never seen before. Plus she said it was to help break me of my shyness."

"I don't know," Chris said, stopping. "I kind of like you a little shy."

She didn't know why, but hearing that made Sabrina blush slightly. She pulled herself up and kissed Chris quickly. "Oh, I have a bag to get out of the car," she remembered.

"No problem." Chris carried her over to the car, squatted, and tried to manipulate the door handle and his fiancιe at the same time.

"Uh, Chris?" Sabrina kept feeling her shoulder bounced against the car window. "Maybe you better put me down for this one."

"Almost got -- aw, okay." He set Sabrina on her feet and she opened the car. Reaching into the back seat she grabbed her blue and white nylon bag … "Where in the world did this come from?" Climbing out, she also took out a red and black one of the same style.

"Whatcha got?" Chris asked.

"I dunno." She unzipped the red and black bag and peeked in … "OH, no! ZigZag, you -- !"

"What?" Chris said, poking his head in. "Lemme see!"

"NO!" Sabrina said, pulling the bag away. "No! Oh, no. Oh, no nononononono." She quickly zipped the bag back up.


"No, no no no no." Before Chris could grab, she tossed the bag back into the back seat where it rolled back onto the floor, and quickly locked the door, keeping her fiancι at bay. "Juuuuuuuust somebody at work playing a practical joke."

"Hey, I like practical jokes!" Chris raced Sabrina to the other side of her car, and she dove in between him and it and blocked the door with her body. Chris put his hands on her waist and lifted her up, and set her on the roof. Just as his hand reached the door handle, Sabrina slid back down in front.

"Uh, hey, we have all weekend, you know … " She put her arms around Chris' neck again and kissed him, having absolutely every intention of hiding that bag in the back with the spare tire the first chance she had. "Besides," she kissed him again, "ZigZag lent me … well, I don't know what you'll think … actually I don't know what I think … "

Chris turned his head to one side. "What is it?"

"Well," Sabrina used her finger to describe, "it's leather, and has the two big cut-outs right around -- YEOW!"

Chris scooped Sabrina up again and trotted her laughing to and up the back porch steps!


"I can't believe I'm actually doing this."

Sabrina shifted herself in the center of Chris' waterbed. She brought her legs up and sat as ladylike as she could with the mattress in motion, one hand on the bed, the other on her calf, and she smiled as Chris took another picture with ZigZag's camera.

"Okay," Chris told her, "tousle your hair and lean toward me."

"You sure you've never done this before?" Sabrina laughed. She tugged up on the zipper pull that ended between the cutouts at her cleavage and rolled onto her hands and knees, looking up into Chris' eyes.

"Honest." The flash went off. "Only thing I keep wondering is if that outfit was supposed to come with a whip or not. Lean straight back on your heels -- perfect!" flash-flash-flash!

Sabrina let her smile droop. "Uh, you know how to get the pictures out of there, right?" she asked.

"Of course," Chris said. How hard can it be, right? He stepped up to the bed and leaned over, took hold of the zipper pull and peeled the outfit open to Sabrina's navel. "I gotta get me one of these cameras." He stepped back and took another. "Run your hand through your hair." flash!

"Okay, that's enough!" Sabrina walked up to the edge and snatched the camera from Chris' paws. "I'm not going to let you get away with all the fun! C'mon, you too."

Chris shook his head. "Oh no, Kitten! You see, the way the program works is -- "

"Uh-uh." Sabrina tugged at Chris' shirt and pulled at it until he bent forward and she could pull it off over his head. She grabbed the camera and checked the setting quickly, pointed and clicked. flash!

"Geez," Chris said, trying to grab the blue dot now in front of his eyes, "Spending the week with ZigZag really did something to you."

Chris posed with his hands behind his head, lifting his chest higher; Sabrina took another picture. "I'm not surprised," she said. "Came from hanging out with all those porn stars, and ZigZag herself."

"And that's something I want to hear all about!"

"Oh, I bet!" Sabrina climbed off the bed and fished around in her bag. "Here, something else she lent me." She handed it to Chris. "I'd love to see you in it."

Chris looked over the little leather … "Sure …. uhm … what is it?"

Sabrina watched him turn it over, over again, then hold it open by the waist straps. "No waaaaaaaay!"

"Fair's fair!" Sabrina told him, still holding her ear-to-ear grin. "Besides … how long could you end up wearing it, anyway?"

Chris lowered the posing pouch, pondered that thought, and grinned back at her.

"I mean," Sabrina held her arms straight out, "look what you made me wear!"

"I made y --?? I never d -- ! It was your -- !"

Sabrina lowered her arms, laying her tail flat across the bed, feigning a pout. She sniffled.

"All right."

Sabrina lifted her tail slightly and bounced on her knees. And Chris watched her bounce. And she bounced nice. He looked at the pouch again. "But you never tried to put two cantaloupes into a sandwich bag before."

Now Sabrina was holding her side, laughing, trying to apologize while Chris watched her with his hands on his hips asking "Just what the heck is so funny?" He picked up and threw a sock at her and went into the bathroom.

"No, hey!" Sabrina called. "You're supposed to try that on in here!"

"You hurt my feelings," Chris called back, trying not to let his laugh break up his sentences as he pulled his remaining clothes off as a unit. "You laughed at me." And he exaggerated a sniffle the way Sabrina had.

Sabrina pulled the zipper back up and tucked her fur neatly behind it, and wondered if he was serious of not. "IIIIIIIIIIIIII'm sorry," she yelled.

"No you're not!"

Chris fiddled with the pouch, put his feet through the leg holes, and tugged it up. He felt the weight of his tail push at it, reached around and found the pieces that were supposed to hook together above it.

"Yes, I am, honest!"

Chris walked to the doorway and peeked just his head around the corner. "Promise?" sniffle

Sabrina put her right hand over her heart. "I promise."

Chris held out his right hand and began opening and closing it. "Now do this."

And Sabrina did, once, then pulled her hand quickly away. "Get in here!"

In a quick sideways leap, Chris stood before Sabrina in what had to be the most constrictive garment he'd worn since the first suit his father had put him in. "There, what do you think?" he said in the highest voice he could manage.

Sabrina giggled, but only at the voice. "Noooooooot bad," she said, licking her lips for effect. She picked up the digital camera and quickly took a snap. Chris then went through a series of bad weightlifter poses.

"Turn around once," she said. Chris did, Sabrina took a picture, then he leaned forward with his hands on the wall and raised his tail.


"That thing wouldn't have an auto-timer on it, would it?" Chris asked.

"Uh-huh." flash!

Chris turned back to Sabrina and took the camera away from her. "Sit in the middle, face this way," he said, walking to the dresser, then aiming the camera. Sabrina coached him from the center of the bed and he set the timer, then pressed the shutter release. He ran to the bed and while he couldn't stop the mattress from moving under them, they managed to pose for a nice picture of themselves in the kinkiest things they ever wore!

Sabrina leaned back against Chris and felt his arms go around her. "Y'know Kitten," Chris said, "you look awfully good in that." Sabrina smiled and reached backwards and up above his head to trace behind his ear. "You think?" she asked, almost purring.

"I do." Chris hugged her tighter, released her gently, and began peeling the zipper down her front. "But right now, I'd very much like to see you out of it … "


… and she was still out of it, as Chris was out of his, three hours later as she leaned on his shoulders watching him install the driver he'd downloaded from the camera manufacturer's website. He'd scrounged a cable and connected the camera into the back of his PC, and in just under ten minutes the first picture on the camera came up, one of ZigZag and the two adult actors she'd traveled with to Michigan outside of the hotel. The next showed them with their arms around each other.

"Just skip the next couple," Sabrina said.

Chris nodded, then said "Riiiiiiiiight," as he clicked on the next one. Left to right, ZigZag, Sabrina, and the cheetah actress. They had their arms around each other, although the look on Sabrina's face was, well, uneasy.

"That's a nice picture," Chris said and quickly clicked to the next one when he glanced Sabrina's hand moving toward his mouse. Chris looked up and saw the intense blush on Sabrina's cheeks.

I'm not going to tell you what the picture was. It's a secret.

"It looks like you stayed at a nice hotel," Chris tried. "That's a big plant behind you."

Sabrina parted two fingers and peered through them, lowering her arm and sighing quietly when Chris mercifully brought up the menu screen.

"Today's date, here we go." And he clicked on the first one.

Sabrina relaxed and leaned on Chris' shoulders. When the picture built she stood up straight, bringing her hand to her mouth. "My God, was that me?"

"Only sexy girl skunk I know," Chris said, and as he went through each picture, he downloaded them to his hard drive, and backed them up on two floppy discs. And as Sabrina watched, she cringed.

"I've never done anything like before in my life," she said. Well, an oil painting once, years ago … She looked at Chris, who was having the time of his life.

"ZigZag should lend you stuff more often," Chris said to her with a grin. He backed up to the pictures they'd taken of themselves less than 30 minutes ago. "My word, you are gorgeous," he told her.

"I can't believe I was that bold," Sabrina said, now becoming embarrassed. "What could have possessed me to do that?

Chris looked at her over his shoulder. "Oh, I don't know," he said to her, "It could be because you and I were apart for nearly a whole week, you were around all of those people who make a living doing this kind of thing … those things rub off, y'know."

"I suppose." Sabrina leaned in and whispered in Chris' ear. "Not mad, are you?"

"Mad??" Chris turned himself sideways and sat Sabrina on his lap. "I think we both oughta thank ZigZag. I had a great time doing this with you!" He pressed his mouth over Sabrina's. Sabrina mewed into his kiss, hugging his as they kissed.

In a moment, Sabrina leaned into Chris' ear again. "You won't forget to delete those pictures from the camera, will you?"

Chris smiled. "I've already got them backed up. Watch."

Sabrina followed the arrow around the screen until Chris hovered over the button that said DELETE SELECTED PICTURE FILES.


Chris smiled and raised his arms in the air. "All gone!"

Sabrina sighed.

Chris looked at the clock on his Taskbar. "Hungry?"

kiss "Famished."

Chris patted Sabrina's bottom. "Let's get dressed. How's seafood sound?"


"Weekends go too doggone fast," Chris said.

Sabrina tossed her bags into the back seat and nodded. "I always hate this part," she said as she pulled her head back out. She slipped her hand into Chris'; this time, her pout was real. "I wish I could just stay."

Chris took both of her hands. "In a matter of weeks, sweetheart, you will. 25 hours a day, eight days a week."

The frown on Sabrina's muzzle turned up and sprouted dimples on either side. "I have to tell you something, in all honesty," she told Chris as she looked deep into his eyes, "I never used to believe in people living together, or having sex when they're not married … why is it everything we do together feels … just so right?"

"I think they call it 'love', Love. I never used to believe in it, either." He held her close to him, hugging her tight. She returned it, making his back pop. She looked up quickly. "Was that you?"

"When you hug, Kitten, you don't fool around!" Chris hugged her again, they kissed long, and hard, and deep, and the devil with the neighbors! Chris knew the borough yenta was already gossiping about them, and couldn't have cared less. He wanted the world to know his love for this woman.

"I love you, Mrs. Foxx."

Sabrina ran a hand over Chris' back, and smiled! "Oh, that sounds so good!" She squeezed another hug into him. "I love you!"

Chris held the door for her, and with a parting kiss through the driver's window, Sabrina made her right turn out of his driveway, tooted her horn and waved, and started toward the Interstate. Chris waved her off until she was well out sight, smiled and sighed.

Trotting back into the house, Chris sat at his computer and called up his e-mail client.



I miss you already! Thank you for a *wonderful* weekend … again!
I * L O V E * YOU!!!


And he sent it.

After he closed the client, he launched his picture reader and opened the file folder to look at the pictures he and Sabrina took of each other over the weekend. That digital camera had a good workout!

And the pictures weren't there.


The pictures weren't there.

Chris launched his Windows Explorer, found the folder called US_IN_LOVE, and he found the pictures Sabrina had sent him before, in their beginnings …

Quickly Chris launched the driver for the digital camera and brought up the menu screen that allows you to manipulate files, delete them from the camera … and from your hard drive.

Two Delete buttons, one for each.

"Oh, my God."

End of Chapter 30

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