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Chapter 37

Cindy finished arranging her hair in the mirror. She stood up and fixed the ruffle of lace over her bosom and smoothed the dress flat against her stomach, nodding and approving at how she looked in her waitressing uniform. She picked up the dress she had worn to the shower and laid it over a chair, frowning at the tiny stain from where she had spilled some punch. She turned once more to check herself in the mirror and went downstairs; wandering into the kitchen she found her mother there, balancing her checkbook.

"Hi sweetie," she told Cindy.

"Hiya Mom. I thought you and dad were going to visit grandma tonight."

"We are," her mother replied, glancing at her daughter. "Just as soon as he gets home from work. Don't you look smart in your uniform."

Cindy poured a small glass of water from the pitcher in the refrigerator and closed the door. "Thanks." She carefully twirled herself to show herself off . "Susan says the right bait helps … you know, tips and all."

Ellen made a mark next to the final check listing in her register. "You sure it's not more than that?" she asked.

Cindy discovered how difficult it was to drink while you're blushing. "Well … " She made a vain attempt at changing the subject, but did didn't help. "Clarence is picking me up and taking me to the restaurant. He should be here soon." She lowered her glass and stood beside her mother at the kitchen table. Then, relieved that her mother didn't go on about it, "By the way, what time will you and dad be home tonight?"

"Eleven. At least with you seeing Clarence, I know you'll be home at a decent hour."

"I have to work tomorrow morning, too," Cindy said in a tired voice.

Cindy's mother put her checkbook and pen away, closed her purse and stood up. She leaned over and kissed Cindy's forehead. "I'm going to get ready. If your father comes in, let him know that I'm upstairs."

"'kay mom," Cindy replied.

Cindy waved at her mom and dad as they backed out of the driveway and went back into the house. She wandered back to the kitchen to pluck of her mother's magazines out of the rack. Sitting in the living room she flipped through it idly, waiting for Clarence.

And when the doorbell rang, Cindy looked at the clock. Six forty-five. Right on time, as usual. She smiled and hurried to the front door and let Clarence in.

"Hi Clarence," she greeted him. "Prompt as usual."

Clarence grinned nervously. "You know me -- a regular creature of habit."

I've got my purse so we can be off," Cindy told him, picking her purse off the hall table and taking Clarence's proffered arm. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Clarence never even thought about hiding his beaming. He felt like he was on top of the world every time Cindy did that. He held the open front door and followed, waiting for her to lock it.

"Ready?" he asked after she dropped the keys in her purse and closed the flap.

"Let's go," she answered happily.

They stepped off the porch and down the walk. Cindy looked up and down the street. "Clarence, where did you park?" she asked after failing to find his mother's car anywhere.

Clarence pointed to the champagne-colored Saturn parked next to the curb. "That's it," he said with a touch of pride.

Cindy furrowed her eyebrows. "You never told me you had a Saturn," she said, turning to look at him.

Clarence looked guilty. "I just bought it today. I wanted to surprise you. heh Surprise!"

"Well, color me surprised."

They continued toward the car and stopped at the curb. "Guy's gotta have his wheels," Clarence echoed Marvin with a sheepish grin.

Cindy looked it over appreciatively, knowing that it would please Clarence. "It's nice," she said. "I especially like the color."

"Thanks," Clarence said with relief. "I figured that a car of my own would be best. This way I don't have to rely on mom's car to get around in."

He opened the door for Cindy.

"Thank you," she said with a smile as she sat in the car. He closed the door after making sure her skirt was out of the opening.

Clarence ran around to his side and pulled the door closed behind him. "Seatbelts!" he told Cindy.

Cindy was busy looking over the interior of his new car when Clarence spoke. "Huh? Oh, yeah!" and she fastened her own belt on.

As Clarence eased away from the curb, Cindy turned to him. "Clarence, how can you afford this on an intern's pay?" she wanted to know. "I mean, interns aren't really supposed to make anything, are they?

Clarence swallowed hard. Cindy watched his Adam's apple bob up and down.

"I-I-It's not really that much," he stammered. "I-I-It 's used."

Cindy squinted one eye at him. Clarence only stammered when he was uncomfortable. Why is he uncomfortable about this car?

"Clarence, did you get this car to impress me?" she asked, drawing a conclusion.

Clarence saw a slim opening out of his predicament and he pounced on it. He hung his head slightly, keeping both eyes on the road.

"Sort of," he said with an uncomfortable edge to his voice. "I-I just wanted something nice to take you out in. I know how embarrassing being seen in mom's car is." He stopped for the intersection and put his left signal on.

"Clarence," Cindy said, turning to look at him better, "I would be happy if we had to walk everywhere we went. Don't put yourself in debt because of me," she said softly, patting his arm.

"I got a good deal on it," he reassured her, and quickly. "The payments are very affordable. Besides, it can't hurt having another vehicle at home in case something happens to mom's car."

Clarence thanked his good fortune while starting to feel the guilt at deceiving Cindy begin to gnaw at his insides.


Chris held the driver's door for Sabrina. She took his hand she stepped out, and after locking the door they walked across the parking lot until Sabrina stopped him.

"Ooo, look!" she said, pointing toward the western sky. "What a gorgeous sunset! I've never seen so much orange in my life."

Chris looked at his fiancιe and smiled. He loved to see how energized she became over little things like this. He held her closer and admired it with her. "Me either."

Sabrina pointed a finger. "And just that little trace of red … and red there … "

Chris pointed his finger next to hers. "And green."

Sabrina turned her head. "Green?"

"Oops, my mistake," Chris said, lowering his arm. "That's the exit sign for the interstate on-ramp."

"Will you stop!" Sabrina giggled. She let her hand slide down Chris arms, and her fingers interlocked with his as she watched for a moment longer. Chris tugged her out of the way of a car waiting patiently to back out of its parking space, and they went inside.

Past the bar entrance in the foyer was the hostesses' station, where a very fetching raccoon was standing. "Welcome to Callahan's," she said with a smile. "Will there be just two of you tonight?"

Just as Chris opened his mouth, Sabrina leaned in to her. "Do you have anything nonsmoking in Cindy's section?" she asked.

The raccoon cocked her head. "Cindy?" she asked.

Sabrina nodded. "She just started here."

The hostess' eyes raised upwards in thought for only a second. "Oh, yes! I remember her now." She scanned the seating chart on the podium, then pulled two menus from their holder on the side. "Will you follow me please?"

Chris followed Sabrina who followed the hostess to their table, holding her chair for her as she sat. Chris took his seat opposite, took the menus and handed her one.

Sabrina looked around the dining area. "This is a nice place," she thought aloud. "A little small, but nice."

"The word's 'cozy'," Chris told her, lowering the menu and looking up.

Looking over her shoulder in the direction from which they came, "I think the bar's bigger than the dining room."

Chris raised himself up a bit out of his chair and peered through the door past the glass divider. "Big screen TV; bar's probably designed to accommodate sports nuts," he reasoned. "Maybe we'll check it out next hockey season."

Sabrina tapped Chris on the back of his right paw. "Uh, remember honey, we won't be here come winter."

Chris remembered and nodded. "I guess not." He grinned sheepishly. "Since they moved your start time back the way they did, I lost track of when you're gonna move in." He closed his menu. "When are you gonna move in, anyway?"

"I thought a little about that earlier," she admitted. "I've got a lot of stuff to pack." Sabrina thought some more. "Stuff to store, too. I better call Mom and see if I can use part of her attic … "

"Hey, guys! What're you doing here?"

Chris and Sabrina looked up and greeted Cindy as she was placing full ice water glasses in front of them. "How's the job goin'?" Sabrina asked.

"Phew!" Cindy fanned herself with her order book. "Busy! I got my break late; it's only just starting to slow down."

"Just keep counting your tips," Chris grinned.

Cindy nodded. "Kittiara was right, they're not bad. She's a nice lady, kinda strict though." She nodded across the dining room. "That's her over there."

Chris and Sabrina turned to see a striking lady cheetah in a very simple purple frock either flirting with a lion or engaging in good-natured ribbing with him.

"I better not let her see me slacking off," Cindy said, and brought her pen up to her book. "Can I get your drink orders?"

Chris turned to Sabrina. "Kitten?"

"White wine."

Chris ordered a red, and Cindy ran to take care of the other customer. He and Sabrina linked their fingers on top of the table.

"I do have a box already half-packed," Sabrina continued before a sip of her water. "Want to take it back with you?"

"Hmmm," Chris pondered. "Is it breakable?"

Sabrina nodded. "Some of it is." And just as the words left her mouth she knew she had just set herself up.

"No trouble. I'll throw it in the trunk before I leave."

Sabrina clenched her teeth and kept smiling with her warning "Don't you dare!"

Chris snickered and made bubbles in his waterglass.

Shortly Cindy returned and set a glass of white wine in front of Chris and a red in front of Sabrina. Then she straightened her back and pushed her ears behind her shoulders, and poised her pen on her pad. "May I take your orders, please?" she asked in a very professional tone.

"Kittiara make you practice saying it like that?" Sabrina asked.

Cindy smiled. "Nah. I just wanna be the best."

"Nothing wrong with that," Chris told her. He pointed behind Cindy. "Hey, what's that distracting object over there?"

"Where?" Cindy turned around, Chris took the wine glasses and switched them around quickly.

"It's gone." Chris picked up his glass and went through the motions of swirling it and placing his nose into it with an exaggerated audible sniff and pretending he knew something about wine tasting.

"My feet are killing me," Cindy said as Chris tried to impress everyone. "I hope I can be good company tonight."

"'Good company', Cin?" Sabrina smiled and asked, holding her index finger inside her menu. "Things're going good with you and Clarence, huh?"

"Well -- " Cindy suddenly realized she didn't have a quick answer for her. " -- I have to tell you Sabby … I really do kinda like him."

Sabrina leaned in closer to her. "For real??"

Cindy leaned down. "I vaguely remember why it didn't work between you two, but there's something about him. Between being nice to him and listening to my mother, I think I'm … do you know he bought a car?"

Sabrina sat up. "No way!"

nod "Way. The way he acted … I think he's trying to impress me."

Chris had an ear in on the conversation. "She must be paying him pretty well," he said to them.

Cindy looked at Chris. "'She'?"

"Uh," Sabrina stammered and tapped Chris' foot several times. Quickly she said "I think you said his boss was a woman."

"Nuh-uh," Cindy shook her head. "I don't even know where he works, really. He's an intern … and interns really don't get paid, do they?"

"Not as a rule," Chris said, then saw Sabrina's expression as her foot tapped his faster. "Some do, though! Uhm, unless he's not interning, but actually working."

Sabrina turned back to Cindy. "What did he say he was doing?" she asked.

Cindy shrugged her shoulders. "He said today he was routing cabling for a project involving light refraction. Sounds complicated. Way too technical for me."

Cindy jumped when she felt the tigress' paw on her shoulder. "Don't forget the other guests, Cindy," she purred in her left ear.

"Oh!" Cindy thought fast. "Kittiara, this is my sister, Sabrina … "

Kittiara looked at Sabrina, then Cindy. "A rabbit and a skunk?"

Sabrina tried to help. "Well … we both have different mothers."

Kittiara raised one eyebrow, then looked at Chris. "And this is your brother?" she asked.

Chris decided to play along. He squeezed Sabrina's paw. "In-law."

"To be!" Sabrina added as quickly and squeezed Chris' paw back.

"That's sweet." Kittiara took Cindy's order book and make a mark on the tab, then handed it back to her. "Just don't forget your other tables, dear."

"I won't!" Cindy's cheeks burned with embarrassment when she answered. After Kittiara walked away Cindy looked at her order book. "She authorized you two for a fifteen percent family discount," she said in a surprised voice.

Chris sat up. "That was awfully nice of her," he said, "but we can't accept that."

"Don't worry about it, I'll confess to her later," Cindy promised. "So, what can I get you guys?"


A single girl on her own has to learn to balance her fun with her responsibilities. Business before pleasure. The mundane before the exciting. The inability to make gravy without first cooking the meat …


It's time to get myself back into circulation.

Wendy was dressed for a Saturday night out, but with time to kill and nothing to do, she pushed her shopping cart through the aisles of the supermarket, amassing a small array of groceries to see her through the upcoming week. She turned the package of pinwheel cookies over and over in her paws and pondered deeply before she gave into the decision she'd made before she'd left her apartment and dropped it in beside the broccoli. Turning back to her buggy, her peripheral vision just missing the wolf at the end of the shelves, watching her put her short dress into motion as she moved away from him. With both paws planted firmly on the handle, he pushed his own cart with the potato chips and the box of dual-chocolate crispy cereal at a discreet distance and followed her.

Bending over, Wendy selected a half gallon of one percent milk and placed it in with everything else she was purchasing.

From the meat counter, the young wolf watched the vixen. His plan was perfect: bang his cart into hers, apologize, introduce himself, take her out, hope for bigger and better things to arise, maybe see what keeps that strapless dress up …

He took careful aim.

Pushing the buggy a few steps to her left, Wendy picked up a dozen eggs and opened the carton to check for cracked shells.


The wolf's buggy impacted with Wendy's, which impacted with her arm, dislodging the egg carton from her hands and sending four eggs onto her legs and feet, and one cracking open onto her right wrist.

Sheepishly, the tall wolf pulled his cart back a little. The vixen was embarrassed, fuming, egg dripping from her hand … she slowly rose her head, giving the front of her dress the once-over, and satisfied it was intact turned toward the intruder, baring her teeth which she never did, she dropped the egg carton with the mess on the floor and …

"What the HELL did you think you were DOING??!" as she pushed her cart out of her way and approached his.

Wolf tried to back further away -- can I still introduce myself? "I-I-I'm really, really sorry," he said as sincerely as he could. "I-I-I-I di-didn't mean to -- "

"Just look at me!" Wendy found herself screaming. "You idiot! I'm going out tonight! How am I supposed to go out like this! Do you have any idea what raw egg does to fur??"

"I'm terribly sorry," was all he could seem to say to her. "I … I really am … Look, I don't live too far from here, you're more than welcome to come over and -- "

Wendy could feel her ire rise in indirect proportion to the feel of the egg running off of her foot. "You have got to be kidding me! If this is your idea of trying to pick me up, you bombed out big time!"

Wendy was oblivious to the onlookers watching her give the poor guy a brand new place to do his business. As he shrunk before her she caught the attention of the assistant manager, who escorted her to the Ladies' Room, while a stock clerk escorted the uncomfortable wolf to the exit.

The young wolf slid his hands into his pockets and took a few steps toward the parking lot. Turning back, be watched the doors of the supermarket for a few minutes.

"God, she's cute," he said aloud, to himself. He hoped he could see her just once more … hopefully apologize to her, at least learn her name … He walked to his car and angled himself in the driver's seat so he could watch for her.


Cindy's parents still had not returned home. Ellen had said eleven, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. Especially if her uncle was there as well; he and Rodney could still burn the midnight oil. But it wasn't that far after eleven.

And Cindy couldn't have cared less. And Clarence had lost complete track of time as they were together on the couch in the living room.

"Ooh, Clarence, that's it, don't stop," Cindy breathed huskily.

"Like this?" Clarence asked, shifting his paws.

"Yes!" Cindy exclaimed. "That feels sooooo good, Clarence."

"Thanks. Y-you should know though, this really is my first time," he admitted.

"Mmmmmm," Cindy replied ... no, cooed.

Clarence smiled to himself as Cindy stirred. She gripped a cushion with her left hand and began mewing, responding just like he hoped she would to what he was doing to her.

My time at the studio is beginning to pay off, he thought, and smiled to himself as he slipped his paws slowly away ...

"Okay," he said, "give me your other foot and I'll do it for you."

Cindy picked her foot off the floor and set it in Clarence's lap. She closed her eyes to just a crack and watched him massage her aches away. It felt wonderful having someone who was so attentive to her needs. A smile played at the corners of her mouth as she remembered the talk she had with her mother that convinced her to keep seeing Clarence. Cindy thought I should thank mother tomorrow ... definitely should thank her.

Clarence was coming along nicely, too. He had almost stopped stammering when they were together and there had been no replays of his earlier … well, 'accident'. Now, if he would just quit blushing when I kissed him, he would be all right.

Clarence was concentrating on working his thumbs into the ball and arch of her right foot and did not notice her blissful expression. This was easier than he thought it would be and Cindy seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. He did too, he realized, as he continued to work. It made him feel special knowing that Cindy let him do this for her.

After five more minutes, he stopped what he was doing and looked over at Cindy.

She was asleep! Her head was leaned back on the sofa arm, her ears draped backwards, her chest rising and falling with the slow regularity of slumber. But now he noticed her blissful expression! Clarence laid Cindy's foot on his lap and smiled as he looked at her, and debated about what he should do.

"Okay," he said softly to himself, "should I wake her or let her sleep? Oh gee, is okay if I just leave? That wouldn't be right … but she's asleep!" He chewed at his bottom lip in indecision. Now he glanced at his watch it was just after eleven-thirty. Cindy's parents were visiting her grandmother and were probably on their way home by now.

He knew that Cindy was exhausted from the constant activity of her job, so he let her sleep. He placed his left elbow on the sofa arm and rested his cheek in his palm. I'll just rest my eyes for a moment, Clarence thought, and wake Cindy before her parents get home …

Rodney and Ellen arrived home about five minutes later and parked in the driveway behind Cindy's car. Ellen got out and went around to the driver's side, where Rodney was maneuvering the items his mother had given them out of the back seat. Ellen closed the car door for him.

As they entered the house, Ellen noted that Cindy wasn't there to meet them. She usually wanted a full update on what her grandmother was doing when her parents got home.

"I wonder where Cindy is," Ellen asked her husband.

"Over here," Rodney said softly, motioning with his elbow, careful not to upset the load in his arms.

Ellen crossed the foyer to look into the living room and saw Clarence and Cindy on the sofa, fast asleep.

"That's so sweet," she said softly. "I hate to disturb them. They look so tired."

"Yes, but they should do their sleeping in their own beds," Rodney reasoned.

"I'll wake them," Ellen said. "You can take those things upstairs for me if you don't mind."

Rodney smiled at her and started up the stairs. Ellen softly crossed the living room and leaned down to her daughter's ear, whispering softly to wake her.

Cindy blinked her eyes. "Mom?"

"Cindy, you fell asleep on the sofa," Ellen said gently, placing her paw on Cindy's shoulder to prevent her from getting up. She pointed to Clarence at the other end of the sofa.

Cindy nodded and her mother left the room and went upstairs.

Cindy carefully lifted her feet from Clarence's lap and set them on the floor. She scooted beside him and placed her paw on his shoulder.


"Mmmph," Clarence said, starting from his sleep and blinking his eyes.

"Clarence, you fell asleep," Cindy told him as he looked around, confused.

He looked at her. "I'm sorry. I was going to wake you before your parents got home."

Cindy smiled at him warmly. "That's okay, Mom just woke me herself."

Clarence looked around in panic for Cindy's parents.

"It's okay," she giggled. "They're upstairs."

With a phew! Clarence wiped the back of his paw across his brow. "I'm sorry, Cindy," he said, turning to her.

"Hey, don't be." Cindy scooted closer and took his hand in hers. "You sure you've never massaged anyone's feet before?" she asked with a teasing hint to her voice.

Clarence picked up on it and smiled. This kind of teasing I can take. "Never ever."

"It felt wonderful, thank you." Cindy kissed his cheek, and kept her eyes open to watch the blush form. It wasn't quite so bad this time.

They pulled each other from the couch and Cindy walked Clarence to the front door. "A girl could really get used to that kind of treatment," she told him.

Clarence smiled, then felt Cindy's hand shift and her fingers interlock with his. He laughed nervously. "Maybe I-I could do it again sometime?"

Not too bad, Clarence, Cindy thought. She turned herself to face Clarence before the front door, taking his other hand in hers. "You'd disappoint me if you didn't."

A wheel spun in the back of Clarence's brain. "So …. uh ….. d-d-does this count as our th-third date?"

Cindy raised her eyes in thought. "I … I don't know."

"I mean," Clarence counted on his fingers, "there was the ice cream social at your church, then the day we spent together shopping … "

"That can count as a sort of second date," Cindy agreed.

"A-a-a-and t-t-taking you to work … well, unofficially? Maybe?"

Cindy smiled. "Well, unofficially I guess."

The little voice inside Clarence's head suggested not pressing the issue any further. He looked at the floor, then forced himself to look back up at Cindy, into her big beautiful eyes. "I can … can I call you tomorrow?" he asked.

"Of course you can," Cindy said, smiling. She leaned in to him and kissed him on his mouth. Not a peck, mind you; a full, five-second kiss.

Clarence felt that hormonal surge again. He opened the door. "Goodnight, Cindy."

Cindy brought one arm up to her chest and waved. "Night, Clare."

Clarence stepped out onto the porch and closed the door behind him. For a minute he stood there; one hand on the handle, one hand open and on the door, as if he were mind-melding with it. He felt his eyes burn, but he couldn't help smiling. She cared for him. A woman cared for him. For real.

"I love you, Cindy."

On the other side, Cindy held her hand against the door too, unaware of Clarence doing the same. What she felt wasn't hormonal though. It was much higher, in her left chest.

Reaching up, Cindy turned off the porch light. She turned off the lights in the living room and went upstairs.


Sabrina stood in front of her dresser and was brushing out her hair when Chris came back into her bedroom. Her eyelids were heavy; she could feel fatigue begin to overtake her.

Chris watched Sabrina yawn. He walked behind her and began massaging her shoulders. A contented moan escaped Sabrina's lips and she leaned her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes.

"You have the best hands," she told him, opening her eyes and looking into his.

"I've had plenty of practice these past few months." Chris leaned down and Sabrina kissed him. Peeling herself away, she sat on the corner of her mattress and brought her tail around to her front.

"Y'know," Chris told her, "when I first met you, I couldn't figure out how you kept that tail curled so tightly."

Sabrina grinned as she brought that tight curl up to herself. "It's all in how you do it," she said as she began removing the bobbypins from the sides. After the last one she unrolled her tail and shook it out. She reached for her brush with the wide-spaced nylon-tipped bristles, and instead of finding it she found an attractive fox male slipping himself beside her under her tail.

"Lookee, I stole it." Chris started where the tail had curved away from her and pulled it through Sabrina's dual-colored fur.

"Mmmmm." Sabrina watched Chris work, her hands on the edge of the mattress. "You're gonna spoil me if you keep doing things like this."

Chris brushed Sabrina's tail with vigor. "Just as long as you don't smell when you spoil."

Sabrina looked at Chris through one eye. Chris saw and looked back at her the same way, and they began laughing. She pointed at the tip. "You missed a spot," she said."

"Can't have that." Chris put the brush where Sabrina had pointed and brushed it backwards.

"You!" Sabrina snatched the brush and brushed her tail, then shook it so the loose hairs fluttered over Chris' lap.

Chris took Sabrina's arm and peered into her blue eyes. "Best be careful, girl, there's other things a guy can do with a fur brush!"

"Oooooo, big bad fox is gonna get me!" Sabrina kissed Chris on the nose. She got up to put on her white lace nightgown while Chris gathered her bobbypins up and walked them to their dish on the dresser top. They met in the middle.

"Have a good time today?" Chris asked Sabrina as he hugged her.

"Great, you sneak. Only, what are we gonna do with three toasters? Added to the one you already have. I really don't have the heart to ask for the receipts."

"Hmmmmm … find three other people getting married?"

"There's a thought." Sabrina kissed Chris warmly. Chris turned out the light, and the two lovebirds climbed into bed and under the sheet.

Sabrina yawned again. "I can't understand why I'm so tired tonight," she said.

Chris wiggled his arm beneath her shoulders. "You've had a busy day, Kitten."

Sabrina nodded and cuddled with her fiancι. "That must be it." And her paw barely made it to Chris' chest before she fell sound asleep.

End of Chapter 37

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