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(c) 1998 by Chris Yost. All rights to story content reserved. Characters Sabrina the Skunkette, Amy the Squirrel, Tabitha, and Tammy Vixen (c) Eric W. Schwartz. Character Roxikat (c) John Barrett. Character Thomas Woolfe (c) Michael Higgs. Characters Chris Foxx, Susan Felin, Cindy Lapine, Amy Squirrel, Clarence Skunk, Dexter Collie, and Wendy Vixxen (c) Chris Yost. All rights to additional characters reserved by their respective owners. Story based on characters and situations created by Eric W. Schwartz.


Chapter 9

"Chris, could you please come and help me?"

Chris jumped up from his chair at the table. "Sure thing," he yelled. He set down his wine glass and trotted down the hall to Sabrina's bedroom.

He walked in through the door. "What can I do f -- "

His words stuck dead in his throat. Candles on the dresser and the headboard flickered and lit the room. And in the center of the bed knelt Sabrina ... in nothing more than a very lacy, silky white teddy that showed a deep cleavage and left very little else to the imagination. The contrast to the black in her fur was stunning.

"I wrapped your present," Sabrina said, the corners of her mouth upturned, her glasses behind her next to one of the candles. "It's only fair you get to unwrap it."

From Chris' angle Sabrina was bathed in an aura. He tried to take a further step in. His mouth opened to tell Sabrina how beautiful she was, how aroused he had become, the thoughts a young man has in a situation like this, and he summed it all up with "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ........... "

Sabrina slid one leg out, then the other, and she crawled across the bed and stepped off over the footboard. "You said you wondered what I looked like without my glasses." She stepped up to Chris and took his hands in hers. "Maybe you'd like to see what I look like without anything."

" .................... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm ........ "

"My God." He finally managed to make a sentence. He closed his paws around hers. "I can't believe how beautiful you are."

"I've always kept something very important to me to give to one very special man whenever he came along." Sabrina's arms went around Chris' waist and next thing he discovered was himself and Sabrina sitting side by side on the mattress.

"After these past few months you have to know how much in love with you I am."

Chris nodded, feeling Sabrina remove his own glasses and watching her set them next to hers. "Yes, almost as much as I'm in love with you."

"Nope. More." And she kissed him lightly on the mouth before he could argue the point. "Much more." And her kiss now was anything but light. Their arms wrapped each other tightly. Sabrina squealed behind the kiss. Instinctively she and Chris lay on their sides. Chris' hand ran over Sabrina's teddy, then the fur beyond it on her back, down and over the back of her thigh, back over her silky-covered bottom and up again ... "

The kiss broke for a moment. "Sabrina," Chris warned her, "if things go any further, you know you won't be a -- "

"I know," Sabrina told him. "Believe me I've done nothing but think of this, and tonight, and you, and I know in my heart I'm ready to give it up for you." And she kissed him again, her own hand running its own direction over him.

"The most precious thing you own."

A nod. "To the most precious guy I've ever known."

Now it was Chris' turn to melt. "How in the world could I ever turn you down?" He slipped his fingers into the narrow straps of the teddy and slid them down Sabrina's shoulders and beyond. "Oh my."

Sabrina felt herself flush. It's actually happened! She looked down at her now topless self, then back at Chris.

"Oh my!"

Sabrina watched. It took Chris very little time to become topless himself. As he reached behind himself to release the fastener for the flap around his tail his hands started to shake.

"What's the matter?" Sabrina asked.

"Every fantasy I've had since last February is coming true tonight." Well, almost every one! "And I'm not exactly an expert at lovemaking."

Sabrina ran her fingers through Chris' chest fur. "Don't worry, we'll learn together." She knelt up and kissed him, one hand helping him undo his trousers. Her hand felt a flattering bulge and she brushed over it. They both sighed and took each other, kissing and petting as they wiggled their ways out of what was left of their clothing.

He didn't know about her, but Chris took a severe eyeful of Sabrina. Nude, she was everything he had imagined. Sabrina grazed a hand up and down his side, lightly over the nap of Chris' fur, then almost purred as Chris ran his fingers through her hair, down her neck, and she closed her eyes as his hands ran over her chest, her tail straightening and lifting, then falling, then trembled as she shivered in her belly.

"Y'know, Sabrina," Chris said, "I'm not exactly prepared for anything like this."

Without a word, Sabrina reached over her shoulder and picked up three small square packages beside their glasses and handed them to Chris.

Chris took them and raised an eyebrow at Sabrina. "Oh really?"

"It's not what you think," Sabrina laughed. "After they left I swiped them from Thomas' sock drawer."

With a smile Chris looked the three packages over. "Talk about fixing the barn door after the horses escape."

giggle "Our barn door's okay."

Chris gathered Sabrina and began a tour of her, visiting places he'd only dreamed of until now. Instinctively she closed her eyes as she felt Chris roll her onto her back, relaxing and sighing out loud as he fondled and stroked and kissed her. Her foot pushed her teddy over the side of her bed. As Chris' mouth moved southward Sabrina felt herself weaken. Her tail tried its best to twitch under her as she lay on it. And as Chris fought butterflies in his stomach he didn't miss a tiny bit of her.

Sabrina floated, and rolled, and brought herself up on all fours while Chris tore open one of the packages with his teeth, applied it, then turned it around so it would go on. His hands went up and down Sabrina, she rocked her hips and her tail rose, and extended straight up the curve of her back. She had lost complete control of her body, squeezing her eyes shut, gripping the sheet with both hands, gritting her teeth.

She lost complete control.

Chris slid his hands to Sabrina's bottom, and sniffed. "What's that?"

Sabrina was completely unaware of anything. Chris was her only connection to the real world.

"What in - oh - oh my ... " Chris began coughing, his eyes burning, his breathing coming in gasps. "Oh GOD!"

Sabrina opened her eyes. "Chris, what is it?" She looked quickly around and saw the love of her life holding his hands over his face and choking. She looked behind her at her fully extended tail, then at Chris, then leapt to her feet. "OH NO!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!?" She dove to Chris as he staggered backwards into a chair.


Amy and Thomas sat on one of the couches watching the fire. Thomas had it roaring, Amy had jumped in to open the damper, and the smoke had finally cleared from the room and they were able to close the doors.

Amy gave a final shiver. "The room's warmed up now," she said. "Good job with the fire." She took a sip of her drink.

"Thanks." He cuddled her closer. "Y'know, the first time I came here with my class I thought about this, you and me, just like this."

Amy turned and looked up at him. "Really? You thought about me on your field trips?"

"A lot. This is exactly how I pictured it too, except you weren't pregnant and we were drinking wine instead of ginger ale and snuggling."

"You don't need wine to snuggle." Amy tried to bring her legs up on the couch, then settled for just one and leaned against Thomas. "And after that food we had on the way up I'd rather have ginger ale. Good rolls though." She took another drink.

"Yeah." Thomas swallowed the rest of his drink and stared into the fire. "Amy, when was the last time I told you I love you?"

Amy swished the pop in her mouth and raised her eyebrows, thinking. "When you proposed to me."

"That long, huh?"


Thomas sank back and gave Amy a tiny hug. "You do know I do, don't you?"

"Of course I do. It's nice to hear, though." Amy worked at shifting herself to look at Thomas. "Women are funny people; we need lots of attention."

"I can do attention."

"Especially now. I know how unappealing I am now, going from blonde model to fatted cow."


"Look at me, Thomas. How can you look at me like this and feel anything?"

"Yeah, I've thought a lot about that too, on my last trip here February."

Amy felt the color drained out of her face. " Wh - wha - about what?"

"Well," Thomas put his glass on the floor and faced Amy, "I've done a lot of fast moving, and avoiding the subject, and living in total denial, and now that you finally look pregnant I'm coming to grips with it, and I don't know what kind of father I'll make, ... " Thomas felt the words choke in his throat. " ... but I know I love you. Just help me through the tough parts, okay?"

A loud crack from the fire broke the silence. "Tough parts?" Amy said through what was almost a sob. "Like diapers and bottle-feedings at two in the morning?"

"Yeah." Thomas forced a laugh. "All that. And I promise I'll never forget to tell you I love you ever again."

"Aw!" Amy smiled and put her arms around Thomas' neck. "You becoming a romantic?"

"Nah. Just facing reality." He ran his hand up the fur on Amy's neck. Amy shivered and curled her tail up beside her.

"I do love you, Amy."

Amy squeezed his neck, kissed him, and squeezed again. "You, uhm, think you can be interested in making love to a fat blonde ex-cartoon-model who loves you a whole lot?"

Thomas smiled wide. "Ay-yup!" He reached behind him and took out his wallet.

Amy looked behind him. "Oh, there's money involved!"

"Close." Thomas opened his wallet and took out a small green package.

"Uh, Thomas," Amy said, "you ever read that thing about fixing the barn door after the horse runs away?"

Thomas dropped his wallet beside his empty glass. "Yeah, somewhere, but I can't remember where." He leaned in to Amy, and Amy reached behind her and turned out the light.


Chris sat in the bathtub, up to his chest in tomato juice, working it through his fur. He noticed the white from over his wrists to his hands had already begun to stain a tinge. Ah, it'll wash out, Chris knew. I've had worse. Then he smiled and wondered if that was really true.

"You okay?"

Chris looked up to see Sabrina's head poking in. "Why are you smiling?" she asked.

"Just thinking of you," Chris answered. "I was wondering what happened to you."

Sabrina sat on the edge of the bathtub and punched an opener around the top of another tomato juice can. She'd pulled on one of her C-Cad shirts and her black and white pants. Chris looked closer and saw the matted fur under her eyes; she'd been crying. "I put a fan in my window and ran my sheets down to the laundry room -- awkward snicker -- the other tenants are gonna love me."

Chris began laughing as she poured the juice over his shoulders and head and he worked it in. "How can you possibly laugh at all this?!" she asked. "You should be halfway to the state line by now."

"For this??" Chris scrubbed his head and made a pffffft! when some of the juice rolled over his mouth. "This is what makes nights memorable."

"That I lost control and sprayed you?" Sabrina's voice started to crack. "I haven't done anything like that since I was Tabitha's age. I am so sorry."

"You've gotta stop apologizing, Kitten! These things happen!"

"Oh sure! When you're dating a skunk, these things happen." Sabrina set the empty can on the floor by the others. "I wanted so badly for this night to be perfect." She felt tears well up again. "I wanted it perfect and look what happened!"

Chris rinsed his hands in the tub and put his hand on Sabrina's. "Sabrina, do you think that I would trade a night like this for anything? You couldn't have made this night more perfect." Just as Sabrina opened her mouth Chris continued, "You drafted your best friends to help you put on a night like this, for me, and you felt so much for me that you offered your virginity to me ... "

"I know, but - "

" ... then, because of me you got so aroused you lost control of yourself." Chris squeezed her paw. "Do you remember how I got so lost in you that I walked into a muddy pond and you said you never had that effect on a man before?"

Sabrina cracked a smile. "Of course I do. Page 60, a quarter of the way down."

"Then look at the effect I had on a woman! I kinda like it. And years from now we're going to have our own private joke and we're going to giggle like school kids about it."

"I dunno, maybe I - " Years?? Could we ... ? " - maybe I should go have that removed."

Now, for the first time all evening, Chris got sincerely serious. "Don't -- you -- dare!" Sabrina turned her head sideways, confused now. "I don't want any less of you than I have now. You and I'll work around it, trust me."

Sabrina lowered her head, Chris slid his hand up to her wrist.

"The least you could do -- "

"YEOW!" Sabrina screamed as Chris pulled her into the tub.

" -- is join me!"

Sabrina sat on Chris' legs, hip high in dirty tomato juice and fox hairs. She rolled herself around and locked her fingers around Chris' neck. "Trust you, huh?"

"To an extent, anyway." Chris slid his hands down over Sabrina's bottom and kissed her, running his hands up under her now-wet shirt, his mouth down her neck.

"You think of some kinky places to do this," Sabrina laughed.

Chris stopped and looked into her eyes and smiled. "I can get kinkier."

Sabrina smiled at him, feeling herself being poked. "You think I should slide these off, then?"

"Later." And their mouths locked again. And later came soon; Chris slid her shirt off over her head and dropped it next to the empty cans, then her pants followed. They both became lost in their emotions and just before Sabrina felt what she'd waited weeks to feel they both heard a quiet pfffft!. Chris raised his head and Sabrina looked behind her to see tiny red bubbles breaking on the surface. Sabrina sighed, lowered her tail, and looked back at Chris. "What are we going to do about me?" she asked, so severely disappointed.

Chris pulled the plug. "Relax, Kitten. I think I have an idea." He kissed her once more and they took a very long shower.

End of Chapter Nine

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