The Singles
and non-Sabrina


By John
By Martin Pedersen
By 'PonyGirl'
The happy couple, drawn by John. Y'gotta love Sabrina's blissful look
Chris Foxx from Chapter 28, drawn by Martin Pedersen
PonyGirl's first ever fan art, a very flattering piece and the model for Chris and Sabrina's cameo in Mark Stanley's contribition to the 1999 Halloween Comic Crossover
By 'Iron Raptor'
By James Bruner
By Matt Prothero
Chris Foxx at his cubicle (would that I had that monitor in Real Life!!) Drawn by "Iron Raptor"
James Bruner was playing with his Gimp, and this is what came out
Clarence and Cindy's pool scene, done by Matt Prothero -- his first furry in over two years!
By 'Grosse'
By 'RC_Foot'
By 'Wolf'
The Clique! And Clarence walked into shot
Chris Foxx in an online chat session with a Windows user
A profile of Wendy Vixxen, by "Wolf"
By Cliff Grimm
By Mike Seymour
By Michael Christensen
2001: A Space Odyssey ala Amiga
If only every male could come home to this! :)
Sabrina discovered Chris' mistake with the digital camera!
By Richard Conradt
By Richard Conradt
A teenage Chris Foxx borrowing the keys to the family car
A full-length comic speculating what might've happened at the end of Tabitha Chapter 7. The thumbnail shows only the first frame
Foxx Den's second picture of RC_Tech. The thumbnail is a partial of the entire print -- seems he's not too popular with Sabrina the Story fans ...
Center panel of a comic based on the end of Sabrina Chapter 41. Based on a private joke of the artist's, Sabrina puts the Amiga into an endless loop before she leaves
Another picture from PonyGirl, this one a commission I was finally able to pick up from her at Anthrocon 2001!
My good friend Steve Corbett of Shanda Fantasy Arts drew this picture of Chris Foxx, and some inside humor couched within the tomes on the bookcase
by James Bruner
by Glen Darlington
by Omega256
A present for my 41st birthday from my great friend James Bruner!
A Tabitha tie-in. They say that love knows no bounds...perhaps this is no exception
From Tabitha: the mobile security system Iron Raptor.
One tiny note: Iron Raptor is (c) his player, not me
by Jesse, aka 'White_Fangx3'
by SilverFox
by Ryanhardt
Sabrina, when Chris arrived at 6 in the morning, during her pregnancy scare
Sabrina ... the way Chris would want her?
Sabrina in an indoor pool ... 'nuff said!
by Ricky Boone
by Iron Raptor
by Ian Johnson
Ricky Boone's concept of the time portal in Tabitha's Temoral Complex
Iron Raptor's little joke about where we put his coffee dispenser ... which, come to think of it, I'd swear was James' idea!
Sabrina and her all-grown-up baby sister Tabitha -- is it me, or do they look seriously upset about something?
by Denise Wheatley
Whoever did this, fess up!  I love this!
by Iron Raptor and Rava Purr
When Sabrina borrowed one of Susan's old cheerleader uniforms for Chris
Chris, Sabrina, and some dumpster-diver ... not that I'm jealous, mind you!
A "Sabbyverse" Christmas present from Rava Purr!
by Typhun
by Typhun
by Typhun
The dangers of celebrities travelling abroad
Typhun's vision of the temporal portal from Tabitha
In fairness, I would never do this
by Shinpai
by Richard Fayard
Sabrina in the Christmas spirit!
Sabrina and Chris with their new baby Alan, from Tabitha
Chris brings home the new kitchen curtains
Clarence and Cindy, Together Forever
Sabrina walks in on Zig Zag and Amy!
Non-Sabrina the Story-Related Furry Art
by Fans and Family
by 'shevette the subbe'
by Bob Logan
"shevette the subbe" as Shevette from the cat-planet
My brother-in-law, the artist -- Bob Logan, from one of his best caricatures
By Karen Katzchen
By Karen Katzchen
Karen Katzchen and her boyfriend. Government Property!