The Odds and Ends Furry Art Gallery

This used to be a collection of furry artwork drawn for me, not by me. I used to say that I personally had the artistic ability of a hard-boiled egg, but I've discovered I ain't bad

Chris and Sabrina - image  by EWS



Design by Packard Melan

WELCOME to my revamped Gallery!

I've been meaning to do this for a long time, and I've finally gotten around to it! Now, the Gallery is arranged by artist, with thumbnails that should make getting the picture you want to see even easier!

AND, a lot of the original art was resized before it was posted, so the size you saw was the size you got. NOW, you can download the art as the artist originally intended, in all of its full-sized glory!

Eric Schwartz
Dave Ellis
Brandon Parker
Iain Snell
Hunter Bahamut

Chris Yost

Shawna Sandbom
Mark White
Ezequiel Rivero
Setsu Mei Zen
William Poling
Doug Gracey
The Singles