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The Disclaimer:

I cringe to call this "Fan Fiction", even though that's exactly what this is. Sabrina the Story has surpassed the one-year mark when words first began forming sentences. I've put a tremendous amount of work into it, but let's face it, *sigh!*, it's fan fiction, or, perhaps more appropriately, doggone good fan fiction!

It's also heavily copyrighted stuff, based on other heavily copyrighted stuff. I know Eric will vigorously go after anyone infringing his copyrights, and so will I with my stuff. You can download it, read it, show it to your friends and say "Oh, look what I found on the Internet", but don't change it, don't try to sell it, don't shift it around, don't change the characters, don't take out my name and put in your own, don't repost it anywhere, don't put engine oil in your transmission ... basically, play ball and you won't get hurt ;)

BUT. . . please enjoy it and tell me what you think!

Okay, here's the Official Disclaimer. You'll see pretty much the same thing at the start of each chapter as it goes up -- please do not remove it so no one'll ever mistakenly do anything with it they shouldn't, 'kay? Thanx!

Story and Disclaimer (c) 1998 to 2008 by Chris Yost. All rights reserved. Characters Sabrina the Skunkette, Amy the Squirrel, Tabitha, Carli, Tammy Vixen Shiela Vixen, Clarisse, and Carrie Squirrel (c) Eric W. Schwartz. Character Roxikat (c) John Barrett. Character Thomas Woolfe (c) Michael Higgs. Characters Chris Foxx, Susan Felin, Cindy Lapine, Debbye Squirrel, Clarence Skunk, Mr. Canis, Dexter Collie, Angel Collie, Sarge and Endora Mustelidae, Wendy Vixxen, Wanda Vixen, Mrs. Sharon Skunk, Marci Pardalis, and Dawne (c) Chris Yost. Character Florence Ambrose (c) Mark Stanley. Character ZigZag (c) Max BlackRabbit. Character Cyberhorn (c) William Morris. Character Terl Skunk (c) Rodney Stringwell. Character James Sheppard and Marvin Badger (c) James Bruner. Character John Silverback (c) Himself. Character Kittiara and the restaruant "Callahan's" (c) "Kittiara". Character Katja (c) Herself. Character Mark the cheetaur (c) Mark White. Character Mark the "cheetaur" (c) Mark White. Character Tyler Leone (c) Michael Mullig. Characters Kevin and Kell Dewclaw (c) Bill Holbrook. Character Trudy (c) Jeffrey Darlington. Characters Chatin and Cilke (c) Tiffany Ross. Characters Jack Black and Cecil Stewart (c) Scott Kellogg. Characters Packard Melan and DJ Gabe (c) S. Adam Tindall. Character Ricky Boone (c) Ricky Boone. Character Portia (c) Matt Trepal. Character Josh Fox (c) his player. Character Hikaru Katayamma (c) Keith Dickinson. Character CottonLop (c) Jenifer Taylor. Character Tina (c) Tina Amberg. Character Elmer Foxx (c) Elmer Yost. Character BondoFox (c) his player. Character Vikki Vixen (c) her player. Cirrel Concolor (c) his player. Bob and Sue Logan (c) Bob and Sue Logan. Eric W. Schwartz (c) Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz. All rights to additional characters reserved by their respective owners.

Full permission for character use was obtained prior to their appearance. This is an independent work of fiction, with no connection whatsoever to Eric W. Schwartz or E.S. Productions, and in no way is meant to imply any connection with Eric Schwartz, E.S. Productions, or the Sabrina universe in general, and has no direct connection to the events and continuity of the Sabrina Online comic strip. Story based on characters and situations from Sabrina Online created by Eric W. Schwartz.

Windows95 and Windows 98 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Amiga is a registered trademark of Gateway Computers (Gateway 2000), Amino Systems, or whoever owns them now.

"Hooked on Classics" and "Hooked on Romance" (c) 1987 K-tel International (USA)

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"Extinctioners" is (c) Shantae Howard.

Pixie Stix is a registered trademark of Willy Wonka Candy Company


As you read in FAQ, you know my love affair with Sabrina, who stars in what is arguably the best Internet comic strip next to Kevin and Kell. When I'd resigned myself to my feelings and the fact that she's stuck behind a glass screen I decided to get permission from her Creator and began work shortly before, appropriately, Valentine's Day, 1998.

In creating Chris Foxx, I was faced with two dilemmea:

Should Chris be a fox or a wolf?

How much of he should be me?

I wanted him to be a wolf -- I'd always used the name "Akela" in online chat rooms in the past -- but what confusion would that create between my character and Amy's fiance Thomas Woolfe? Oh sure, the thought of making them related did cross my mind, but I'm also addicted to the look of foxes and fox tails, so I decided I'd be a fox, add the second X, and make him a 10-year-younger, more fit, toned-down version of me.

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